• composting-101

    Composting 101

    We’d heard a lot about composting before we tried it. We kept putting it off – it sounded smelly; it sounded time consuming; we could do just as well with ...


Tiny House Movement

When my wife and I first decided to start looking for a homestead, we were thinking pretty conventionally – buy a home somewhere in the rural western United States and enjoy our life together. Then we found the tiny house movement, and things took a very different path. Tiny homes can equal big fun, as […]

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It’s All About The Joints

Joints are pretty complex structures. They allow us to move in a variety of ways. Each joint needs to be looked after correctly and effectively to ensure freedom from pain and no loss of mobility. Mobility is what it’s all about. Our aim is to have enough flexibility in our joints to allow us to […]

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Homesteading Milk Goats

Whether you’re going completely off the grid or just want to live more self-sufficiently and sustainably, you’ll need sources of food. Most folks first think of chickens.  They’re easy to get and grow, and produce eggs for years.  They’re a great choice. But what if you want some dairy in your life, but the thought […]

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Fuel-Powered Generators

Preparedness is a subject that has been close to my heart ever since a hurricane tore through my community back east, many years ago.  It left many people completely devastated. Since that event, I have done a great deal of research in order to be prepared for any emergency. One of my first tasks was […]

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6 No-Canning Food Saving Ideas

You’ve busted your hump growing a bumper crop in your garden.  Friends and family have gotten more than they can consume, yet you are still wallowing in abundance. You have raised meat, egg or milk animals, your belly is full – and more of the bounty remains. You’ve hunted, fished, trapped or foraged more wild […]

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Saving Seeds

We live on a planet with finite resources. Those pertaining to living things are renewable in many ways. If you are conscious about your environment and are willing to bring about a positive change you usually begin by going natural. On top of this, if you are a gardener too, this translates into your personal […]

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3 Must-Have Comms

Perhaps my greatest fear in the event of some sort of natural or man-made disaster is the inability to communicate with my family. My precious metals store is 55 miles from my home.  Same for the gun range where I teach. My wife is closer to home, perhaps 15 miles. One son lives 15 miles […]

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