• Getting Your Money To Work For You

    To earn money with money, you must place that money at risk. When I talk about earning money, I am talking about increasing your purchasing power. This is an important ...

Hidden Cache Locations

About a month ago, we provided instruction on Building A Cache (pronounced cash, not cash-ay).  This time around, we’re going to discuss where to place that cache.  I’ve got two general categories:  Locations for cash and precious metals, and locations for survival gear items. For survival gear, I’m talking about food, equipment, firearms, ammo, reference […]

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Gold and Silver: When You’ll Be Reported

One of the primary reasons people buy precious metals is for privacy.  You buy with cash, sell for cash, and no one knows what you own.  If “they” don’t know you own it, “they” can’t take it or tax it. In my precious metals business, when I’m buying gold and silver bullion from a customer, […]

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Guns and Minors

Guns and minors.  Quite the touchy subject. A couple of months ago, I was teaching my FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation class, and one of the employees of the range came up to me with a question. He said that there was a person in the lobby that wanted to know if I taught minors about […]

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Prepping For The “Big Picture”

One of the great things about being a Baby Boomer is that we’ve seen a lot of history – at least a half century worth.  Most of us have read a fair bit as well.  We see too many similarities in current events happening in our country with things that have happened in the past. […]

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Stevia: Natural Sweetness

I have a confession.  I have a sweet tooth. Coffee in the morning, tea at night, and snacks during the day often “require” some sweetness.  OK, I want them to have some sweetness! Even though regular white sugar doesn’t have a lot of calories (only 15 calories per teaspoon), it has other drawbacks.  Its cousin, corn […]

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Selling Your Scrap Jewelry

Many Baby Boomers have accumulated a good amount of jewelry over the years.  Many times, that jewelry has not been worn for years and may not have any special sentimental value.  They decide to gather up the old and broken bits of scrap jewelry they’ve got, and turn it into some cash. We’ve all seen the […]

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Shooting From Your Weak Side

The vast majority of people who go to the practice range do one thing: They stand in front of their target with their favorite two-hand stance and blast away. Clearly, this has a place in any practice routine, but the likelihood of that stance being the optimum presentation of your firearm during an emergency is […]

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Eggs and Coffee, Prepper Style

One of the “rules” of being a prepper is to eat what you’ve stored on a regular basis.  You always want to eat FIFO – first in, first out – and then replace what you ate. I know I don’t follow that rule very often.  I tend to store it away, and forget about it. […]

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