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    Homesteading Rabbits

    When we first considered becoming more self-sufficient, we realized we would need a source of meat. Without much acreage, we decided something smaller would be best – rabbits fit the ...


Composting 101

We’d heard a lot about composting before we tried it. We kept putting it off – it sounded smelly; it sounded time consuming; we could do just as well with commercial fertilizer. All of those assumptions were wrong, of course. Composting isn’t difficult, and when done right, it doesn’t create a smelly mess. And if […]

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6 Ways To Protect Paper Documents

During an emergency situation, there will be various documents and paperwork we will need to protect to ensure they are usable for as long as they are needed. From a map to photocopies of our passports, to copies of our driver’s license to allow us to return home after severe weather events, any form of […]

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Emergency Radio Choices

Most people just don’t understand how important having access to an emergency radio can be when the unforeseeable happens. When some disaster, catastrophe or other event wipes out the power and many of the other methods we use to stay in touch with one another, having access to a portable emergency radio can be a […]

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When we first started considering homesteading, we wanted to use an aquaculture system to raise fish. Both my wife and I love fresh fish, and raising our own meant that we could have fresh fish year-round without worrying about mercury and other threats. However, we quickly discovered that aquaculture has some down sides, including the […]

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Portable Power

I never wanted to become so involved with technology, but it seems that this was inevitable. For simple daily living I must check my email, text, and, sometimes, access the internet or research. It’s a reality of our times.  Tech can make our lives easier, and it can make it more complicated.  How you use […]

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The Dakota Fire Pit

A Dakota Fire Pit is a technique created by the Dakota Indians. It is a very effective method of building and maintaining a fire. It is relatively simple to construct and is super-efficient when it comes to burning fuel. The fire will burn hotter while using less wood – which in a survival situation can […]

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Tiny House Movement

When my wife and I first decided to start looking for a homestead, we were thinking pretty conventionally – buy a home somewhere in the rural western United States and enjoy our life together. Then we found the tiny house movement, and things took a very different path. Tiny homes can equal big fun, as […]

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